We are Bitterroot Galloways Cattle Company, established in 2005.  Nestled in the beautiful valley of the Bitterroot in the Western “banana belt” of Montana, is our charming farmhouse and the grass land in which we raise a unique breed of cattle from Scotland called Galloway.  With the exception of their mother’s milk, our cattle are solely grass fed in the warm months with hay (dried grass) in the winter months.  Our grass fed cattle are without hormones, genetically modified feed, and zero feed lot style stressful living.  The Galloway breed are natural foragers from the very green lands of Scotland,  so they thrive on grass and produce superior-high quality nutritious beef without the additional grain needed for other breeds.  Our cattle live a quiet comfortable life eating grass and free roaming on pasture, just as their ancestors did and just as cattle are meant to. Our cattle are raised both ethically and humanely and we are committed to our beliefs and practices in a natural, sustainable, and as close to organic as possible operation.  

We breed all colors of the beautiful Galloway for buyers who have their own herds or those who wish to start herds.  We currently have registered Silvers, Whites, Duns, Reds, and Blacks as well as a variety of unregistered commercial cattle.  We encourage anyone desiring Galloway cattle for sale to visit our farm and land in the Bitterroot and see first hand how our cattle live, thrive, and perform.

We’re also Montana State Certified to sell our Galloway Grass Fed Beef via internet-nationally, and our quantities and cuts often vary so please inquire for more information if you wish to purchase some of this flavorful and nutritious beef for your restaurant or family, or if you wish to inquire or place an order for specific cuts in future beef inventory.

If you have any questions about our cattle,  please feel free to contact us at 406-207-0074 or email us at bitterrootgalloways@gmail.com

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