The Galloway Breed

Galloway-The Breed That Thrives on Grass.

Originally from Southwestern Scotland, a recognized “ancient breed” Galloway cattle are cousins of the Aberdeen Angus and were first brought to America in the 1850s. These heritage cattle are known for their long haired double coats which make them exceptional cold weather animals and efficient feeders requiring up to a third less feed to grow than other short hair cattle breeds, Galloway cattle are natural foragers and they thrive on a pure green diet while producing exceptionally flavored and leaner meat than grain fed cattle. The Galloway’s lengthier body and shorter legs, allow for the development of coveted premium high cuts of beef however they also produce a very rich milk for calves and are excellent mothers to their young.

Galloway Fast Facts
Currently on the Livestock Conservancy “Watch” List
Females reach an adult weight of between 1,000-1,500 lbs.
Mature bulls reach weights between 1,700-2,300 lbs.
Newborn calfs generally weigh between 70-80 lbs.
Calfs are hardy, vigorous, and have a strong “will to live”
Docile-calm temperament
Produce small, fast growing calfs
A “pure breed” and genetically consistent
A rarer breed in the United States
Crossbred offspring have outstanding vigor
Black is the dominant color while red and dun are rarer. White and silver colored are even more unique and less prominent
A long lived breed-producing offspring regularly into teen years and beyond
Courageous and protective against potential animal predators

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