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Nutritional Information

Nutritional Benefits of Galloway Grass Fed Beef

Galloway Grass Fed Beef is a superior choice for the consumer who cares what goes into their food and aspires to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.  The Galloway Grass Fed Beef consumer wants to know how their food was raised and that they are making the healthiest choice possible in their red meat decisions.

Galloway Grass Fed Beef Consumers

C– Consider and evaluate their food choices based on facts and knowledge

A– Appreciate healthy beef choices

R– Recognize that cattle eat grass, not grain, naturally.

E– Expect excellence from their beef food sources, free of chemicals, genetically modified      ingredients, and growth hormones.

Although the Grass Fed Beef market is gaining popularity, the Galloway Grass Fed Beef market is not mainstream or even very well known.  The reason for this is that Galloway cattle thrive on foraging for grass, not grain.  Other cattle varieties are fattened up fairly quickly on grain, and sold at market quicker, resulting in more profits for large beef companies.

The Galloway Grass Fed Beef Consumer is wise to the common practices and methods used in today’s food production world such as feed lots, forced feeding, hormones, and genetically modified feed material.  The Galloway Grass Fed Beef Consumer has high standards and expects straight forward natural quality beef, raised on what’s healthy for the animal and not what helps big beef business sell beef quicker for more profit. 

Nutritional Facts for Galloway Beef

This study was completed in 1998 at a Galloway Cattle ranch in Wisconsin called Cattleana by the University of Wisconsin Meat Science Department.  The study followed science protocols, in a controlled environment and the types of multiple samples tested were “loin.”

The information about Galloway grass finished beef and it’s nutritional makeup that was analyzed is nothing short of amazing, and wonderful news for the red meat loving, health conscious consumer. 

The analysis of beef is costly and the proprietary information contained herein is the property of Galloways Australia at http://www.gallowayworld.org/GA_Australia/Entries/2014/9/2_How_Healthy_is_Galloway_Beef.html  For purposes of comparison and analysis, all three types of beef products tested were “rump roasts” and if there is no color bar, it simply means the information was not stated. This report is dated September 2, 2014 and was completed by Greg Stuart, Galloways Australia Inc.  


FSA-Food Safety Australia

USDA-United States Department of Agriculture

The results of the beef analysis indicate that Galloway beef is exceptionally low in fat as well as saturated fats.  Galloway beef is remarkably high in protein, similar to chicken breast without skin, and is 25% lower in cholesterol and higher in the “good” HDL cholesterols.  Additionally, this study found that Galloway beef has an exceptional omega 6:3 ratio, is significantly high in beta carotene, zinc (10% more than the others tested), and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which is a potent “anti-cancer” agent found in marbling fat (a characteristic of the Galloway Breed).

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